The Dopamine Effect: How Apps Keep Us Hooked

Variable Rewards: Apps often use variable reinforcement schedules, where rewards are given out unpredictably.

Social Validation: Many apps offer features like likes, comments, shares, and followers, which provide a form of social validation.

Streaks and Achievements: Incorporating streaks, badges, or achievements into apps can encourage users to continue engaging regularly

Infinite Scrolling and Autoplay: Social media feeds and video platforms often employ infinite scrolling and autoplay features, which keep users engaged by minimizing effort and decision-making

Personalization and Recommendations: Algorithms analyze user behaviour to personalize content recommendations.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Apps leverage FOMO by notifying users about updates, events, or content from their friends.

Instant Gratification: Apps provide immediate rewards, such as likes or messages, which lead to quick dopamine releases.

1. Gamification:      Many apps incorporate game-like elements, such as points, levels, and      challenges, making the experience more engaging and encouraging users to      invest more time and effort.

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