How digital distraction is killing your productivity?

Digital Distraction

Digital distraction can indeed have a significant impact on productivity. In today’s digital age, we are constantly bombarded with various forms of digital stimuli, such as social media notifications, email alerts, instant messaging, and endless sources of online entertainment. These distractions can disrupt our focus and make it challenging to stay productive. Here are some […]

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Why Punjabis are leaving India?

Today, I will highlight one major topic, which needs to address to the country before it’s too late. The topic is why Punjabis are leaving India. Historically, Punjab, a state in northern India, has seen a significant number of people migrating to foreign countries in search of better opportunities and higher standards of living. This […]

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How to become a succeful medical representative?

I am into Pharma marketing for last 15+ years, so I want to highlight the keyfeatures to be a succesful medical representative . Kindly spare few minutes to read the blog. Marketing is a very challenging job, where one needs to keep himself in touch with highly motivated people. As per the statistics, to convert […]

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