How a medical representative can gain respect by HCP?

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Being into the profession of Pharma Marketing for more than fifteen years, I can easily find out the change in the profession. Once the profession was regarded as noble one. But today the main problem that new generation is facing in the profession is to gain respect from HCP. It is the hard truth that anyone starts working in any profession for money, but with passage of time, every worker demands of having respect from his customer, which is the most difficult work in the current time.

To gain respect from healthcare professionals (HCPs) as a medical representative, I had created following strategies. I hope that it will work for everyone. Feel free to share your point of view in the contact form given below. Your thoughts matters the most because it can help the professionals and the newcomers. Let’s get started to read it.

  1. Expertise and Product Knowledge: Develop a deep understanding of the products or services you represent. Stay updated with the latest research, clinical trials, and developments in your field. This knowledge will enable you to have meaningful and informed discussions with HCPs. Only if you will add value in the HCPs day to day work, they will surely value you.
  2. Professionalism and Integrity: Conduct yourself professionally at all times. Be punctual, respectful, and well-prepared during meetings. Build trust by being honest, transparent, and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. Even while sitting outside the doctor chamber or waiting area, instead of using mobile phones, start carry books and read them. Any song or video with high volume can create irritation among the HCPs. They will disrespect us. So try to read meaningful books either related to profession or motivational ones. They will create respect in the eyes of everyone sitting in the waiting area. Few books to read about medical reprentatives is given below:

Medical Representative: An Indispensable Medium for the Pharmaceutical Industry


YOU CAN Be a Medical Representative


Medical H.B. For Medical Representatives,12th ED 2011



  1. Effective Communication: Listen actively to HCPs and understand their needs, concerns, and preferences. Tailor your communication style to their individual preferences, whether it’s through face-to-face interactions, emails, or other means. Clearly and concisely convey the value and benefits of your products or services in a manner that aligns with the HCPs’ goals and interests. One needs to understand that our customer has limited amount of time, so use it wisely. Give some meaning to the communication.
  2. Safeimagekit resized img 4 - How a medical representative can gain respect by HCP?
  3. Provide Value-Added Services: Offer additional support beyond product promotion. This could include sharing relevant educational resources, organizing medical seminars or conferences, or providing assistance with administrative tasks. Position yourself as a valuable resource and a partner in improving patient care. One can even organize Camps like BMD, free medicine distribution etc. not only by the company side but from the perspective of local associations or local levels. This will create the respect for medical representatives because this is the help of the needy and HCPs by pharma marketing not for any professional use.
  4. Continuous Education and Learning: Invest time in enhancing your knowledge and skills. Attend medical conferences, workshops, and training sessions to stay updated on medical advancements. This ongoing commitment to learning will help you become a trusted and knowledgeable resource for HCPs. Because you will surely pass on the knowledge to your customer, who will listen to it because this is going to help him for sure.
  5. Build Relationships: Focus on building long-term relationships with HCPs based on trust and mutual respect. Take the time to understand their practice, challenges, and patient population. Demonstrate empathy and show genuine interest in their work. Regularly follow up to maintain the relationship and provide ongoing support.
  6. Professional Networking: Engage in professional networks and associations relevant to the healthcare industry. Attend industry events and conferences to expand your network. Actively participate in online forums and communities to share insights, learn from others, and contribute to discussions. Try to connect with the peoples of the industry at higher levels, learn from them and pass-on the benefits.
  7. Adaptability and Flexibility: Recognize that different HCPs have unique preferences, priorities, and communication styles. Adapt your approach accordingly to accommodate their needs. Be responsive and flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments or addressing their concerns. Try to meet HCps on the time and day designated by them only.medical representative dress code mr medrep - How a medical representative can gain respect by HCP?

Remember, building respect and credibility with HCPs takes time and consistent effort. By demonstrating expertise, professionalism, integrity, and a genuine commitment to improving patient care, you can establish yourself as a respected and trusted medical representative.

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