Why Punjabis are leaving India?

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Today, I will highlight one major topic, which needs to address to the country before it’s too late. The topic is why Punjabis are leaving India.

Historically, Punjab, a state in northern India, has seen a significant number of people migrating to foreign countries in search of better opportunities and higher standards of living. This trend is not unique to Punjab but is observed across various regions in India. As per the state’s statistics, The per capita income of Punjab stands at Rs. 1,73,873 in 2022–23 (Advance Estimates) which is higher than Rs. 1,70,620 at the National level. The State is expected to grow at 6.08 per cent in 2022–23 in line with the national growth of 7.0 percent. With such good data why Youth is migrating from the state? But data for the educational institutes are very dangerous because 38% of engineering students find no takers at Punjab University in the 2022–23 sessions.

This means that youth is moving outside, which is the biggest threat to any state or country as youth is the future of any Nation.

Moreover, between Jan 2016 to Feb 2021 7.2. Lakh Punjabi flew from India to foreign. The number rose to 2.25 lakh for the year 2022 only. This data is further says clearly in itself what is the need of the hour.

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Several factors contribute to the migration from Punjab to foreign countries. Some of these include:

1. Economic opportunities: People often seek better job prospects and higher wages abroad, particularly in developed countries. The desire for economic advancement is a significant driving force behind migration.

2. Education: Many students from Punjab choose to pursue higher education in foreign universities to gain exposure to global academic standards and enhance their career prospects.

3. Family ties and settlement: Some individuals may have family members or relatives already residing in foreign countries. They may choose to join them for better family support, stability, and settlement opportunities. The trend started before independence because Punjabis were sent outside the country to fight for British Empire and many of them got settled there. Almost every family in Punjab has relatives over there. So it is pretty much easy for them to move and settle there.

4. Political and social factors: Socio-political considerations, such as instability or conflicts in the region, can also influence migration patterns. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the migration. The government is not thinking on this platform. Even a common man like me of Punjab knows that our people are moving outside, instead of taking hard steps now government has taken the initiative to help them and guide them via government agencies. So intentions are pretty much clear.

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It is not only the duty of the Government but ours also to do something for this cause. We are a self-sufficient state or we should move on for the same. Before going for voting next time, think about these guidelines. Select a government that thinks for the sake of our people. The land is not poor, and neither we are. We have a rich heritage of following the path shown by our ancestors. We must follow that path. If anyone is having any solutions for this, kindly feel free to give them in the comments section.

Further, It’s worth mentioning that migration patterns can vary over time, influenced by changing global economic conditions, policies, and regulations in both sending and receiving countries. The actual trend of people from Punjab moving abroad may have evolved since actual data may be wrong or not available, so it’s advisable to refer to up-to-date sources and statistics for the most accurate information on current migration trends from Punjab.

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