How a Medical Representative spend his day?

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There are a lot of professions in the world that gives you everything you need in your life but is never a dream of many. Medical Representative is one of them. The level of dedication and hard work is one of the keys to getting success in this profession. Even if someone is now the owner of any pharmaceutical company, once in a lifetime, he was a medical representative. Let’s come and dive in to understand more about the day in the life of a medical representative.

5:00 AM– Wake up and go out for exercise.

6:00 AM – Start getting ready for the day ahead.

7:00 AM – Review the day’s schedule and plan out the route to visit healthcare professionals (HCPs) and medical facilities. He has to take care of the policies created by the Company and Government. He also need to take care of all the previous meeting with HCP.

8:00 AM – Start the day by visiting a local clinic, whether it is rain, hot or a cold day. Introduce yourself to the HCPs, provide them with relevant product information, and answer any questions they may have. He has to improve his knowledge base, because he has to answer the query of many knowledgeable persons.

9:30 AM – Drive to the next appointment, which could be at a hospital or private practice. Meet with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to promote products, provide samples, and discuss the latest clinical studies.

12:00 PM – Take a lunch break to recharge and prepare for the afternoon. That lunch may not be that hygeinic, that he has been talking or discussing with everyone out there in his daily life.

1:00 PM – Visit a pharmacy or retail store to ensure product availability, address any concerns or inquiries from the staff, and provide promotional materials.

2:30 PM – Meet with the sales team or management to discuss sales strategies, product updates, and upcoming marketing campaigns.

4:00 PM – Visit another set of HCPs, such as specialists or key opinion leaders, to maintain strong professional relationships and discuss new product developments.

 6:00 PM – Wrap up the day’s visits and return to the office or home.

7:00 PM – Update the customer relationship management (CRM) system with the details of the day’s interactions, including notes on conversations, feedback received, and samples distributed. He has to update each and  every information that he would have gathered in his daily life.

8:00 PM – Engage in professional development activities, such as reading medical journals or attending webinars, to stay up-to-date with the latest research and industry trends.

9:00 PM – Review and prepare for the next day’s appointments, ensuring all necessary materials and samples are organized.

10:00 PM – Relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep to recharge for another productive day as a medical representative.

Note: The schedule of a medical representative can vary based on factors such as geographic location, specific company policies, and individual sales targets. Moreover, the territory to work also changes many factors here.

Beside all these daily activities, he has to mange with all stockists, medical staff etc. On many days, he has to plan for the meetings. A lot of formats use to wait for him. He might be a science graduate, but expected to be highly efficient in Excel, Word or computer related softwares. He must be so intelligent that He can plan each and everything on their own.

He must be well dressed, because his customer is well educated one. He needs to be properly shaved, his hairs must be in good shape. He has to represent himself in a better way.

Further, He has to update himself on daily basis. Moreover, in sales there is a lot of negativity, because all the days are not same, so one needs to motivate himself.

Thus, just other than following the company policies, one has to work very hard on daily basis to go with the pace of this world and competioters.

Kindly take it as a general image or the day in life of a medical representative.

Hope you will find it useful and respect the hardwork of a medical representative.

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