How to stay calm in every situation and stay motivated spiritually?

  • “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

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This is known to everyone that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not only one of the finest cricketers ever, but the most fabulous cricketer of all time. Many times we have seen that he has made many decisions that have turned the decisions of the matches in favour of Team India.

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But here the question arises of how he was able to do so.

Why all of his decisions were right for his team?

Moreover, DRS i.e. DECISION REVIEW SYSTEM is called DHONI REVIEW SYSTEM, because the maximum DRS he takes seems to be the right.

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In my point of view, he use to live in the present and that was one of the reasons why Mahender Singh Dhoni was able to take the right decisions.

One of his unique habits was not carrying his phone with him. Currently, mobile phones or digital Gadgets are the ones that no one can resist. Everybody in the present time, use to carry his gadgets with him always.

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But the problem with these gadgets is that they use to create distractions. Even when people don’t carry these gadgets, they still seem to be distracted a lot, this generation has already lost the sense of living in the present. Either they are living in past or tensed about the future i.e., not in anyone’s hand.

To understand better click on the link to read a blog on Digital Distraction

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So if this is true that we are into a lot of distractions, then what is the solution for this?

Are we going to remain distracted for the whole of our lives?

Can we receive the focus, required to get success?

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  1. One of the reasons to get focus is to leave digital distraction
  2. Another one is to relieve stress. To know more read my another blog
  3. To stay focused, one needs to do meditation.
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If someone feels to stay focused and motivated, then he needs to stay calm. One must always find some time for himself.

Finding time for himself also help anyone to stay focused and motivated, not only spiritually but by writing Journal daily because one not will find his issues but can work over these problems.

To start Journaling or to know how to start click here

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This will keep you motivated and will help you get a better person than yesterday. Just continue to work on yourself.

Be Calm and Spiritually Grounded.

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