Pillar of Pharma marketing: Medical Representative

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Pharma Marketing is a very different kind of marketing. In this particular, Marketing Professionals have to approach their customer i.e. Patients via different matters e.g. Doctors, Medical stores etc. This makes pharma marketing a very different type of marketing. I am very fortunate on being part of this great pharmaceutical business for the last twenty years. I had observed a lot of stuff and changes in the profession for last so many years. Being at the management level, I personally feel that only those pharma companies perform better whose leg work is strong. But there are other factors also that need to take care of, while routine working. I will try to discuss as many factors, as I can, for any medical representative, who dreams of achieving something.

Moreover in this profession, knowledge plays a very crucial role rather we can say that no one is selling a product, but selling or delivering his knowledge, because the customer i.e. Doctors is highly qualified. The marketer has to be very much informative before delivering any information to this elite class. His appearance also matters because the first impression is the last impression. One must have pressed attire and polished shoes. Proper cutting as per the face cut along with shaved face is one of the desired requirements by the healthcare professionals while judging the medical representative, meeting for the first time.

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The pillar of pharma marketing without any doubt is Medical representatives. Medical representatives play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, as they are the face of the company and are responsible for promoting and selling its products to healthcare professionals. With the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it has become increasingly important for medical representatives to upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few ways medical representatives can upgrade themselves:

Stay updated with industry trends:

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, and it’s essential for medical representatives to stay updated with the latest developments, new drugs, and regulatory changes. They can achieve this by attending industry conferences, participating in online courses, and subscribing to relevant publications. A lot of changes regularly happen constantly. Moreover, Healthcare professionals are very much updated, so one needs to stay updated to have conversations with them. else they will not take the medical representative seriously.

Enhance product knowledge:

Medical representatives must have an in-depth understanding of the products they are promoting. They should be knowledgeable about the drug’s mechanism of action, side effects, and dosage. This will help them respond to healthcare professionals’ queries effectively and persuasively. One needs to understand that they are going to sell their knowledge. Any knowledge that they are delivering can cure or harm the health of anybody.

Develop communication and interpersonal skills:

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are critical for medical representatives. They should be able to build and maintain strong relationships with healthcare professionals and present their products in a clear and concise manner. While meeting healthcare professionals on regular basis, a medical representative creates a bonding, thus conversation never gets confined to medical knowledge but to the knowledge about your customer’s interests etc. So one needs to get updated about day-to-day happenings in the surroundings of the city to the world.

Embrace technology:

Technology is changing the way medical representatives work, and they need to be comfortable using digital tools such as CRM systems, virtual meetings, and e-detailing to reach healthcare professionals. The surge of Covid in the world has increased a lot in usage of technology. So one also needs to move forward with the trend. Now, everything is available in one click, anyone must be able to understand this trend and should follow it.

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Continuous learning and professional development:

Even all Pharmaceutical companies use to guide and create many training programmes, but Medical representatives should continuously strive to improve their skills and knowledge by taking courses and participating in other training programs. This will help them stay ahead of the competition and provide better service to healthcare professionals. Even now, Government has taken the initiative for any normal Indian, who somehow can’t continue education, due to any reason can learn from top Institutes like IIM etc. Many of these courses are free. Details can be checked from this link https://swayam.gov.in/

Stay motivated:

The most important part of the marketing profession is to stay motivated. Although, Pharma marketing has every possible attribute like money, fame, travelling, relation with elite customers etc. this profession never comes on the list of any kid’s dream profession. Moreover, One has to maintain a lot of work like Targets, Customer frequency, meetings, Projections etc which can lead to frustration. Moreover, no single day is the same as any other day. So, one needs to maintain confidence and motivation high. The motivation and confidence level as usual depends on the company you keep. One must keep himself updated and also motivated by using technology. Any medical representative has to wait a lot outside the chambers of doctors and has to travel a lot. Thus, instead of wasting this precious time one can read a good book, take a course regarding product knowledge or listen to good podcasts, just to take benefit of these precious hours. Just like the quote given below, your attitude determines a lot

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Thus, keeping oneself motivated is always the need of the hour to extract the best out of yourself.

In conclusion, upgradation is essential for medical representatives to remain competitive and successful in their roles. By staying updated with industry trends, enhancing product knowledge, developing communication skills, embracing technology, and engaging in continuous learning, medical representatives can continuously upgrade themselves and succeed in their careers.

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