How to start Journaling?

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 “Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.” – Mina Murray, Dracula.

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If you are reading this article, that means to me that you want to start your journey of Journaling. I hope you will be eager to learn which method would be best for you to start journaling. So let’s not waste more time and dive deep into the ocean of journaling.

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Before coming to the point, One thing needs to be understood change is not going to happen in a day. It always takes time for change to come. So one need to have much patience and preservance to keep to see the change you want to see because it takes much time for a little change. even for a very small change, a lot of time can be consumed.

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Again the question arises as to what are the ways of Journaling.

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Here are the three best ways of journaling mentioned below:

  1. Free flow Journal
  2. Bullet Journal
  3. Formatted Journal
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  1. Free flow Journal: This is a journal where you can create/write whatever you want to note down. There is nothing fixed or any specially designed platform. Nothing is planned, you can write whatsoever you want to know how to write, what to write? Here you can,
    • Write about your day.
    • Write a plan for the following day.
    • Write about your future plan.
    • Your 5-year plan.
    • Your new year’s resolution.
    • One can write his Top 5 resolutions.
    • These type of Journals can be purchased from at an affordable price. These journals are made of premium paper.
  2. Bullet Journal: This is a journal where you can create/write in a bulleted manner. Every line has its own lines. One need not write anything in numbering only e.g. 5 ways to upgrade yourself, 10 plans for your future.
  3. Formatted Journal: This is a specially designed journal where everything is fixed. It is a formatted journal where you have specially designed templates and you just need to analyze yourself. You can just answer the questions asked in this journal and you can upgrade yourselves. In his book called ” ATOMIC HABITS ” James Clear has given the idea that anyone can change himself by 1% daily to upgrade himself. Just by applying these simple steps. One can change himself by 30% in a month or 365% in a Year. One can buy this type of journal from his official website, which is specially designed for peoples who want to upgrade themselves.
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Again the question arises as what can anyone do with these journals after buying them. Just after buying the journal, one must start writing over it.

Just after the purchase and before starting writing, note down your own goals in life on the very first page, so that it will remind you on daily basis.

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One need only to write over the journal but giving emphasis also matters the most, because this will help you in evaluating your progress.

One can also note down his own good as well as bad habits and can work over it. Moreover in the book “5 a.m. club” by Robin sharma, has revealed one habit of giving first one hour of day into creating most powerful hour of life. He has stated that one can differentiate that 1 hour by 20-20-20 method, where anyone can give first 20 minutes in exercise that can activate neurons which also activates brain neurons. Next 20 minutes for meditation, that can further strengthens brain tattoo. For the last 20 minutes of powerful hour is for Journaling. Here anyone can plan his day by evaluating the previous day’s activities and future aspects.

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Further giving his valuable message, he has shown us to create a ritual to use Sunday as a day to plan his week. One can plan his complete schedule for the whole week that can give him the roadmap in a more clear way.

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Theses are few tricks that I had used in my life to work on myself. I hope it will work for you also.

I hope you would be loving the ways and techniques, I am sharing with you after a lot of hardwork.

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