How to live a life that is the dream of others?

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One day your life will splash in front of you, Just like a movie. Try to make it worthy to watch.

— — Author Hitesh Abrol .

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  • Before making your life a movie worthy to watch, firstly you should understand which type of movie do you love to watch?

Let’s take an example that there is some beautiful movie running successful in a theatre near you, which is a romantic movie just like Pathan of Shahrukh khan.

A lot of Females near us are willing to watch the movie, because they feel that they are going to date with Shahrukh Khan.

Which male in this world wouldn’t love to live life like this?

But question arises as Are we ready to pay the price that Shahrukh Has paid.

Have you seen the body of Shahrukh Khan at this age?

Are we ready to do the hard work and diet control that he would have done?

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But if you don’t want to watch romantic one. Then it’s not a movie of your choice.

So, one must decide his own choices, as how do you want to spend your life.

Do you love a horror movie?

Do you love thriller one?

Do you get excited by watching autobiographies to get motivated?

From above questions, I mean to ask that you must first decide the motive of your life for yourself?

How do you wanted to be remembered?

What is your motive of life?

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Now, question arises as how to create the motive of your life?

How can we decide as what’s the motive of our own life?

Is there any fix formula for this?

How does this happens while living in a same area, took birth in a same family,

One becomes the most wealthy person and other one is near to getting bankrupt?

Yes, I am citing the example of Ambani Family here.

This clearly shows that there must be some differences between them that has created such a huge difference in their lives.

Yes, it must not only the plans but the execution of the plans that has done something awesome for them.

Again let us come to the topic that how can we be fix our goals?

As per my experiences, Goals are of two types:

  1. Goals created on heaven by God.
  2. Goals settled by ourselves for ourselves.

Clearly, In first case, One can’t do anything, because everything is already fixed. One can only Go with the flow.

But in second case, When you have to choose your destiny, what is that need to be done?

I will suggest everyone to make a habit of writing a Journal Daily. This will help you to note down and evaluate your habits on daily basis. when you will write daily you will keep on checking the issues that you are dragging you.

You will learn the things that makes you happy and those makes you sad. Also, you will come to know as how to overcome the smallest issues which is easier to do rather than overcoming big and difficult tasks. So,Journalling is a easy and useful tool to upgrade yourself.So,I personally suggest you to start journalling.

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Before writing the journal, decide whether you want to be a businessman, an Author, A social-worker, A Politician Or something else.

Again the question arise that how one can plan his goal?

For that One must settle down in solitude and No distraction zone, where one can be with himself only and give his 110% in choosing his goal.

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Afetr setting your goal, Write your goal on the first page of your Journal. So that whoever you will open it, first page will remind you about your goal.

Here I want to give you the example of Michael Phelps, Many Record holder swimmer, It is said that

Each night Phelps would relax his body, limb by limb, from head to toes, before he would “put in the videotape” of his ideal performances.

“Once you put yourself in a relaxed state, it’s like watching a movie,” says Bowman.

“It has to be rehearsed many, many times,” Bowman notes. “By the time Michael gets up on the blocks to swim in the World Championships or Olympics, he’s swum that race hundreds of times in his mind before he gets up there.”

So this is how a great swimmer took birth.

This is the power of planning.

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After Goal setting, Plan your steps as how will you achieve your goals? Then check daily about your progress on the path you want to travel. Because 1% change daily on yourself can change you 30% monthly and 365% annualy. Not only, you should write, check and note down on the journal, but also must give 100% for your dream. Because no one else can do this for you, only you have to do for your dream.

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Let me share one example here of a Cobbler here, whom I happen to meet few days back. This cobbler gave me a life long lesson.

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One fine day, I went with one of my colleague to meet some of our old friends. Just when we left our home, He checked his watch and said in hurry that first we will go to the market, as he will let his shoe polished first from one Cobbler in the market only.

I insisted to visit one nearby cobbler, as market was too far to go. But my friend said that he will go to that cobbler only. I asked

“What’s special in him?”

“Let’s visit and feel the difference.” He replied

to visit that cobbler. Then we mutually decide to visit him.

While going, my friend told me that he comes on fixed timing 10 a.m. — 1 p.m. When we reached there, a lot of people were gathered there and cobbler was doing his work

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I asked the cobbler as what is so special in him that people are so eager to visit him and that too on the time set by him only.

Raj , as people were calling him by the name, said “He gives his 100% dedication to his work. Moreover, He gives value to the respect that he receives and not on the payment he receives.” He also told me that He is living his life so that he can die happily. Thus he gives so much value to his work that every night when he goes to sleep.

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He evaluates his work and try to minimise the errors done on the last day. Thus getting perfect by each passing day.

I was so astonished to hear that A cobbler can produce so much of respect and value in his work then why can’t we?

Are we getting educated in wrong way?

This incident made me to think that how to live a life that one want to live.


Your words and clap will motivate me to write more.

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