How to plan your new year’s resolution?

On every X-mas day, everyone prayed for Santa to come and give him goodies, gifts, and good luck.

But in today’s time, we need not wait for Santa to come instead everyone needs to behave like Santa for himself and his family.

But the question arises as to how anyone can do all this work.

How it could be planned for our lives?

This can only be done by upgrading yourself on a daily basis.

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Again the question arises of how can anyone understand what is best for whom?

In Childhood, walking on own legs is the dream of kids


The same is the case with Elder ones (maybe due to health)

Because everyone has his own needs, own inspirations.

Then the criterion for upgrading can’t be the same?

I hope everyone would agree with me.

So how can anyone decide which one is best for him?

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When someone starts to plan his/her future, from my perspective, One can decide by reviewing his own past. Because the person himself is the best person to access his past to create the future.

Since the year changed a few days back, everyone has made his own resolution to make his year unique to himself and create something better for his/her own future. But many of us never stick to it.

But those who adhere to it, create history.

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Who are these people?

How can they stick to their plans?

How do they create their plans?

I use to seek answers to these questions from many of the successful people’s interviews. To complete research on this, I listened to a number of interviews.

The fact that I found is that they first analyze their previous year like what they plan for that year vs what they achieved.

What was their best achievement and why he achieved that?Which was the worst and why it happened to him?

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Then they analyze whether they have achieved what they wanted or not.

If yes, then what next?

If not, then how will they achieve?

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They carry their journal and plan their future from them because that is the manuscript of the film that he is playing for so long. They look for the answers to their questions from it.

Because here everything is written about what they have done in their lives from good to bad. better to worse.

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Then they put on their final plan what they wanted to achieve in their lives and what they have achieved to do it.

Then they plan for their future. They work on every tiny aspect to the higher one.

One needs to understand that future can never be created without accessing your past.

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Planning is a must in every aspect of life because everyone here lives two different lives from personal to professional one.

Thus either you work for your passion, where your personal and professional goals combine together.


Create a different plan for professional and personal goals.

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This is the best work that successful people do while planning for their future, they give more emphasis on their past.

Ladders can only be created by creating the base for it.

Thus asses the past to create the future.

Before doing anything your biggest goal must be ready. Because these are the tiny steps that you take to reach the final goal. Only then can you create your final resolution and access it on a daily basis.

To achieve the big goals, one needs to check his/her steps on daily basis. Also, anyone needs to plan his/her days in weel advance especially on Sundays.

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