How to do self-improvement?

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“ Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement”

— Atomic Habits.

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In the present world, everyone Is undergoing a race between himself and others, whereas the race must be between oneself today and oneself a few years before.

This means that one should work on himself only. He should not think of others and whether someone is doing this or not. Instead one must have checks on his own performance. He must regularly check whether he is improving or not.

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Every new day comes with a new freshness, new opportunities, and new responsibilities. How anyone interacts with it matters the most.

Let’s take the example of Japan, whose two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were completely destroyed by an atomic attack by the US during world war II. It was said that the country is now going to stand nowhere, but the country not only stood up tall but created history in robust growth.

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Japanese people not only grew in the economy but their cultural values also grew huge. During FIFA WORLD CUP,2022, Japanese people show as what any country can do.

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In the first match, the people of Japan clean the whole stadium. Moreover, their own players cleaned the whole hotel room before checking out.

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These things can never be attained just by chance but they can be attained by continuous efforts. Before working on self-improvement, one must need to understand his flaws.

These flaws can come to known, only if people are writing their daily habits like what they are doing on daily basis. This is what we call Journaling.

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One simple tactic to understand what to write is just by planning the day in advance in the morning. This will help you in prioritizing things. Like what you are planning to do.

In the night before going to bed, just write what you have done the whole day. This will help you in checking your progress.

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Here, I will suggest you a very simple formula that is called:




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Visualization: The first point here is to visualize things. One needs to have a goal in his life. Any letter can never be delivered if it is not having any address written over it. So, Goal setting is very important.

Goal setting is of two types:

a) Short-term goal: The goals that you want to achieve in the coming years.

b) Long-term goal: This is the ultimate goal of your life. Short-term goals are the small stops of this long and ultimate path.

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Retrospection: After goal setting, one needs to check whether he has done anything in his life to attain his ultimate goal or not. This can be checked only if a person will settle down with himself in calm and thoughts of the past memories, as much past as he can go.

One needs to review his life and whether he has done something in his life to attain his ultimate goal in his life. This exercise will help us in evaluating ourselves.

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Introspection: This part of the course needs to do daily. This is what journaling is all about. Just spend ten minutes per day and you will find yourself a better person after 365 days.

So to get a better version of himself, one needs to review himself regularly. For that one needs to do journaling. While journaling, one needs to write as much thought to write as he is receiving. Then read it. This will help him in reviewing and understanding better about himself.

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I hope you would have found it useful.

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