Are we using social media or Social Media is using us?

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Today I will talk over the most burning topic of present time that Are we using the social media or Social media is using us?

In the present time, We humans created the Social media to pass our time. But we can say that now this social media is using us and our free time.

Anyone can relate with the picture shown below

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We can see anyone or anywhere in the streets, road, on traffic signals or malls, where youngsters seems to be sitting on one side and surfing through internet.

With passage of time, Humans have discovered a lot of ways to travel and they are the fastest but still we are always in hurry. Moreover, never reach anywhere on time.

We use to spend a lot of important hours on social media and then think that why they are always on shortage of time?

Have we ever thought why our ancient sages use to spend a lot of time in solitude?

Why elders prefers to avoid distractions?

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Have we ever tried to answer these questions? If not, then this article is for you.

Dolphins are the only creature in the world who has used 20 percent of their capability whereas we humans have reached at tendency of 10 percent.

Thus to reach at the peak of our capability, we must avoid distractions and work over ourselves in solitude.

The biggest distraction of modern era is


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Do you know that

Same Neurons get activated when someone becomes social media addict or drug addict.

So, the problem is much bigger than we can think of.

Now the question arises as how can anyone get rid of this social media being one of the most important part of human race these days.

Before trying to reduce the timing to use social media, first of all check whether you are social media freak or not?

This can be checked from the following step :


Here Anyone can check as:

How much time do we spend on phone?

Out of it,

How much time user spends on which which app?

Whether user spends Twelve hours on business calls, i.e. must to do?


Three hours on social media.

Thus can conclude whether he or she is social media addict or not?

the question arises that what should be the best strategy for user to reduce timing on social media?

To create this strategy, the user should act as a Player and behaves with this system as a game, where user is on one end and social media companies are on the other end.

Take it as a game of chess.

Where you and companies are playing face to face. For those who don’t understand as how to play chess.

Let me explain you that while playing the game, one has to understand the psychology of other player that what he/she will do, if I will play this move.

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starting the game i.e. to reduce the timing for social media use, understand the strategy of the Companies that operates these social media apps.

How they ignite your nerves cells to go and check the notifications? Just by popping up the notifications.

First step should be to turn off all the notifications on your phone.

Now , We have understood that we have options in our phones to set limit to use social media apps, so

Second step is to set a limit to use the apps you don’t want to use or you want to reduce the time of usage.

Understand that No-one can get success in the first step, but slowly gradually everyone can. One has to be consistent in putting his efforts by keeping in mind that

Consistency is the key to success.

we have understood the two major steps.

Third step is hard to take, but if you really want to succeed, one has to take that step i.e.

Uninstall social media apps.

Because companies are playing with our neurological system by putting their systems into apps and letting us install them on our phones. Moreover, we use to save our passwords too.

Have you ever thought that why they are doing so?

Why I referred it as playing with our neurological system?

It is because they have not worked hard on building their systems, but rather they spend money and time to understand human psychology.

It is a common human psychology that we prefer to tap the icon rather than typing and putting efforts in logging in again and again on browser.

Further, Companies have placed 2 step verification to let us understand that they understood the importance of privacy, rather they have made us understood that it is further more difficult to logging in, if don’t use their inbuilt apps.

Finally, we have understood that humans created the technology, but now the technology is using us in one and the other way. So, we have to behave and manipulate ourselves that we can use the technology and not to let ourselves getting used by the technology.

One last and other thing that we can use is to use the tricks that companies are playing with us.

Give yourself a treat, so that brain can feel happy by understanding the importance of winning on ourselves. This will reverse our neurological order and our brain can work in the way, we want. Because every one wants rewards for his deeds and so is the brain.

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Well That’s all from my side. I hope you have enjoyed this topic and felt helpful for your daily life.

Let’s make this world more happy and enjoyable by being social rather than using social media. And we can spend more time with our real friends and family rather than the fake ones, whom we even know.

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